Do you want to look feminine and fashionable? Then ... go to bob haircut ! This is one of the trends that has been strongest in recent years and, today, there are many styles that drink from the influence bob.

In Vanitas Espai we want you to look a trendy and totally modern look, so, in this post we discover the different types of bob hairstyles that currently ravage among celebrities.

If you want to succeed this year, opt for the bob!


Today we can talk about the existence of Different Types of Bobs hairstyle but, originally, it was a type of haircut that was done at the level of the jaw.

Due to its enormous success, we can currently find many variations of the bob that fit the personality and style of a wide range of women. For that reason, the “classic” bob is no longer carried, but on the catwalks we can find cuts such as the “long bob” or the “short bob”, to mention only two of them.

In Vanitas Espai we offer you a list with all types of bob hairstyles so that you can know better the variations that this haircut has suffered. Join the fashion bob!


The type of bob cut is triumphing a lot because it is a very practical and versatile haircut . It can be perfectly for both a gala dinner and a beach day and often enhances women's features.

The classic bob is the type of hairstyle that is cut at the height of the jaw. Play with symmetry and balance, it provides a very voluminous mane and an elegant and sophisticated appearance .

The classic bob is usually accompanied with highlights or wicks that enhance the symmetry of the hairstyle and give more shine and volume to the hair.


Another type of bob hairstyle that triumphs today is the one known as "long bob". It is a mane that follows the same design as the traditional cut but with the difference that the mane is longer.

The long bob has a length that is slightly above the shoulders . It is shorter in the back than the front and, therefore, also gives more volume to the mane.

It is usual to opt for a degradation in the area of ​​the tips that gives more movement to the mane, as well as a more casual and lighter touch. It is a slightly more youthful and informal hairstyle than the previous one and it achieves a very modern and perfect look for any occasion.

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